Multiple Threads
reincarnated clothing
Designer Diane Austen is best described as an American Folk Artist gone modern.

"The experience of the Great Depression forced my family to think out of the box, it altered how we looked at things: a hanger became a hat brim, worn out tee shirts and torn stocking were woven into rugs. The materials we needed had to be found and 'seen' within unrelated objects and in unlikely places.

Quilts are commonly recognized as an American folk art, but during that time, necessity forced the thrifty to invent many new ways to reuse and redesign. There's was a more radical craft. I am a descendant of this art.

The 'everyday objects' produced were not inferior imitations of what was purchased by others. They were elevated art objects that were both useful and full of beauty. And that is what is so special about folk art.

My family's experience of the Depression has stayed in my body, it's something I can't forget. It never was a necessity for me, but a delight. I do not need my creations to 'fit in', I show them off! I exaggerate and accentuate the learned innovations. I can not be unthrifty, I can not waste a good scrap. I can not waste anything that could be used to make something else. I get that from my mother and she got it from hers."

Multiple Threads reincarnated clothing came to be in 1993. The line has evolved with the times but remains true to the original statement.
We make the most interesting clothing from what we have on hand using discarded clothing, salvaged buttons and lace. The desire to have 'new' updated garments lead us to become very resourceful indeed. Diane creates one-of-a-kind garments that are designed and cut free hand, without patterns. She takes pride in an accurate fit and durable construction.